Discover versatile crushers at Abhiyan Engineering Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Our hammer crushers crush stones, while roller crushers handle clay. Tailored to your needs for mining, construction, recycling, and manufacturing.

Crushers are versatile machines designed to reduce large solid materials into smaller particles, making them easier to handle, process, or transport. They are extensively used in industries such as mining, construction, recycling, and manufacturing, where materials need to be broken down for further utilization.

At Abhiyan Engineering Nepal Pvt. Ltd., we offer two types of crushers: hammer crushers for crushing stones and roller crushers for crushing clay. These crushers can be customized to meet specific requirements and perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer.

Hammer crusher:

A hammer crusher is a mechanical device engineered to crush stones or rocks into smaller, manageable pieces with precision and efficiency. Operated by high-speed impacts from rotating hammers, it swiftly reduces the size of the material by repeatedly striking it within the crusher's chamber. Widely used in mining, construction, and demolition, this crusher type excels in efficiently and effectively processing a variety of materials, making it a cornerstone in numerous industries.

Clay Roller Crusher

The clay roller crusher stands as a vital machine tailored specifically to break down large chunks or lumps of clay into finely crushed particles. Essential in ceramics, brick manufacturing, and pottery industries, these crushers play a pivotal role in processing raw clay materials into a usable form for further production. Utilizing rotating rollers or hammers, they expertly crush and pulverize the clay, transforming it into a manageable size. This processed clay serves as a fundamental ingredient, allowing for the creation of an array of ceramic products, including bricks, tiles, pottery, and beyond.

Roller crusher